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Meet Matt;

growth strategists with 20+ years of experience in paid and organic media advertising.

He is the marketing brain behind Gpitch, and holds a $1m per day revenue record with paid ads.

Every week he curates marketing & growth experts for TOP100 lists, plus hand picks cool jobs from GPitch VIP members.

Matt worked with more than 100+ global businesses in the last 10 years as a freelancer, helping them to grow their revenue with a combination of paid and organic growth strategies. He was also a Team Lead for Performance Department in KiloHealth, the 2nd fastest-growing company in Europe. (700 employees / 460M eur in 2022)
His top clients went from a few thousand to more than a million per month at a rapid speed.
His record to this date is $1m+ revenue in one day for a US e-commerce site, and $2.5m in 4 days.

Who can apply

Experts or Business owners who already have a proven business and are generating sales.

What you will get

Direct access to Matt via private Slack Group, where you will be able to discuss growth tactics, strategies, and issues of your business.

What plan do I need

If you have Expert VIP or Business Pro or Enterprise plan, you already have access. If not, you need to upgrade your Membership.

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